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REVEALED: Bukwo District Boss Had Threatened to Go on Strike if Murdered CAO Ogwang was Not Fired

Ogwang and his burnt car.

Nearly one month before Charles Ogwang met his death in a murder incident at Matugga in Wakiso District, the Bukwo District LCV Chairman Julius Chelimo had petitioned Local Government Minister Raphael Magyezi to fire him over a series of allegations, or wait and watch him (the LCV boss) go on strike. 

In a letter written to Magyezi’s Ministry of Local Government and copied to Muruli Mukasa’s Public Service docket as well as district leaders on June 11, Chelimo argued that while they thought that Ogwang’s appointment would cause some transformation in the manner that things were being done in the district, he and others  were disappointed with the way the new chief administrative officer handled business.

It should be remembered that months before he was murdered, Ogwang had taken over from Swaibu Balaba as the acting Bukwo CAO. Balaba had been interdicted over corruption.

But Chelimo argued that Ogwang had acted worse than ‘Lucifer’ and that the Local Government had to quickly relieve him of his duties so as not to cause the district more trouble.

In his two-page letter to the Local Government Ministry, Chelimo begged that officials at the ministry should stop punishing the district by sending it bad CAOs who do not have the district’s interests at heart.

He threatened a mother of all strikes if Magyezi’s ministry and the Local Government Permanent Secretary Ben Kumumanya did not transfer or fire Ogwang.

“PS Local government should send Bukwo a good CAO not to punish us by replacing a bed CAO with a worse one. I don’t remember what Bukwo has done to PS local government to always send us CAOs whose interest is to make money go back to the treasury,” wrote the LCV boss.

“The district executive members and my office will lay down tools until a new good CAO is posted who will help us in delivering the services.”

Yesterday, we reported about the numerous allegations LCV Chairman Chelimo made against CAO Ogwang before he (Ogwang) was murdered in Matugga and his car burnt to ashes. (Read Story Here).

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