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Reunion rumors: Here’s the truth about Zari and Diamond Platnumz getting back together

Reunion rumors: Here's the truth about Zari and Diamond Platnumz getting back together

When Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz spent days with ex-lover Zari Hassan on South Africa during the Eid break, rumors of the two former lovers’ reunion hit social media.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari separated in February 2018 over infidelity concerns.

They’ve since hoped from lover to another.

Yet the hope of reunion is still there since they have children together.

Therefore, Diamond Platnumz trip to South Africa was, on the surface, in the interest of their children.

But beyond the co-parenting ruse, Zari and Diamond Platnumz are believed to have had days of fun as adults.

But were these lovely moments firey enough to rekindle their love for each other to warrant or even spark a reunion?

Well, the pictures shared online revealed a happy family reunion.

But what do people close to the couple think?

Due to the fact that Diamond Platnumz had also planned to record a music album in South Africa, he had travelled with a team, including Producer S2kizzy.

The producer says he can neither confirm nor deny that Zari and Diamond Platnumz are or aren’t in lov again.

“You can never know what two people with a family are talking about,” S2kizzy said.

“They can look happy together and still not be in a relationship. They are happy because of the kids.”

Zari has in recent months been parading her new man.

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It should be remembered that this isn’t the first time Zari is meeting Diamond Platnumz and their reunion sparking off speculation of them getting back together.

In November 2020, as Diamond Platnumz reeled from a breakup with Donna Tanasha, the socialite visited the singer in Tanzania, again under the excuse of co-parenting Nillan and Tiffah.

Then, Zari denied getting back together with the singer.

“We are not back together; there is a lot of things happening on social media, lakini for me I brought the kids because their father wanted to see them. He wasn’t able to come to see them because he has a lot of things lined up,” Zari explained.

“I’m doing this for the kids. The kids missed him but it was mostly him. I mean, he hasn’t seen them for the last two years. This was mostly for him to spend time with the kids.”

She also swore that even if she stayed in the same bedroom with Diamond Platnumz at his Mbezi mansion or in a hotel room, he can never allow him to touch her.

“Whether I stay with him or at the hotel it’s okay. Even if I stay with him at home it doesn’t mean that anything will happen,” she said.

“I’m just here to bring the kids to visit him. If there is one thing as Africans we don’t understand, it’s what’s coparenting; naweza kuja hata if he got somebody because it’s home for the kids regardless of what happened between us because we are co-parenting.”

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