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RETIREMENT: Museveni’s Response on When He Plans to Leave Power Keeps Ugandans Guessing

The question on when President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni plans to leave power will keep puzzling Ugandans after the head-of-state’s explanation on retirement served the purpose of prolonging the suspense.

President Museveni has ruled Uganda since taking power after a five-year bush war in 1986.

In his inaugural speech after ascending to power in 1986, Museveni diagnosed the problem of Africa as leaders who overstay in power.

In power for 35 years now, Museveni will have ruled Uganda for four decades by the end of his current five-year term which began in May 2021.

Museveni is aged 76.

It remains to be seen if he will seek reelection in the 2026 presidential poll.

Recently, Museveni broached the issue of his retirement in an interview with France 24.

The president told Marc Perelman that his being in government was no drama acting.

He explained that his overstay in power was backed by a mission and that members of his struggle choose who to go home or keep in government from time to time.

“You see this is not a theatre for acting Scene One Scene Two. This is a struggle for the destiny for the people of Uganda of Africa. So, we have reasons why we had to fight and why we had to be in the politics,” said Museveni.

“And it is those reasons that determine what we do. Do we need all the cadres, all the actors, can some retire and others come up? That’s what determines, not that I want to be in government. I don’t need to be in government.”

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