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RELEASE OUR PROPHET OR WE DIE, WE LOVE HIS MIRACLE STICKS! Beaten Followers of Prophet Kintu Demand His Release, Beat Up Journalists

Prophet Denis Kintu

Some of members of Prophet Denis Kintu’s are opposed to his continued detention, saying they have no problem with the controversial ‘man of God’ beating them up like chicken thieves. 

Prophet Kintu, a self-styled pastor who heads Empowerment City Church (ECC) located in Kyesiga in Hoima City, has been in the news since a video in which he is seen whipping his church members spread like wildfire on social media.

The controversial prophet is heard telling his followers that he was once in the army and that he would not be lenient with them.

Police has since arrested Prophet Kintu and 10 other members of ECC, including the assistant pastor, the church publicity secretary who is accused of circulating the video, women who claim they are ‘daughters of the prophet,’ and members who were whipped.

There was drama and shock at the premises of Empowerment City Church as followers of Prophet Kintu cursed police officers who had come to arrest the pastor.

One of the followers of the prophet even shed tears as she claimed that she is an orphan and that Prophet Kintu has been taking care of her. This follower said she had lost her peace since the arrest of the prophet who had been feeding her.

“He has been there for me. How will I survive without him since I lost my parents,” a woman in her 20s cried on camera.

Another follower identified as Justine Ajuna argued that there was nothing wrong with the prophet beating his followers since he was like a parent disciplining his children who had veered off the path of Christ.

“He has been like a parent taking care of many children, feeding them and providing shelter for them,” said Ajuna, speaking in Rutooro.

“Whenever any child commits a mistake, his or her parents discipline him or her. This is what the prophet was doing.”

But security officers and members of the City Security Committee claim that Prophet Kintu first briefed his followers to tell police that they had no problems with his ‘miracle sticks’ and that they loved to be beaten by the ‘man of God.’

Relatedly, followers of Prophet Kintu are being accused of attacking journalists who were covering the arrest of the controversial ‘servant of God,’ according to a statement attributed to the Hoima Media Association (HMA) chairperson Gard Tusiime. The assaulted journalists have been identified as Godfrey Muhumuza of Vision Group and Joseph Kasumba of NTV Uganda.  

Meanwhile, this Prophet Kintu left police officers shocked when he defended himself saying that he beat his followers as a way of following the example of Jesus Christ who beat those he found trading in the temple. (Read Story Here).

The video of Prophet Kintu beating his church members is Here.

Another prophet was recently filmed beating his church members for refusing to pay tithe. (Read Story and Watch Video Here).


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