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‘Regional Bully’ Museveni Tells Off Kagame on Spying Plans, Border Closure

Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has denied being the bully of the Great Lakes Region as alleged by some, as well as on spying allegations by Kigali.

Uganda has been embroiled in a cold war with Rwanda, with either country accusing the other of undermining the other’s stability.

Now, in an interview with France 24 at State House Entebbe, Museveni spoke on claims that he was the region’s bully as well as on relations with Rwanda and her president Paul Kagame.

“A bully how? By doing what? I disagree with it. He should tell you how we are bullies,” Museveni told France 24’s Marc Perelman.

On when he thinks the Katuna/Gatuna border, closed since March 2019, will be reopened, Museveni said Kagame and his government should be tasked to explain the roadmap to the reopening.

“You go and ask the one who closed the border. I am not the one who closed the border,” he said.

“We had discussions long ago with the mediation of Angola some years ago. I have not seen the border being opened.”

He also declined to reveal what the problem between him and Kagame was. Museveni and Kagame participated in the NRA bush war that brought the Ugandan NRM government into power in 1986.

Kagame also previously served in Uganda’s government and military.

“I don’t want to go into that because Mr Kagame is not here, you are not a court,” said Museveni.

“I am not going to justify my position towards you against Mr Kagame.”

The president also spoke on recent allegations that Kigali was spying on Uganda using Pegasus software. He said it was useless for anyone to spy on Kampala.

“I didn’t follow it up. I saw it but I didn’t follow it up seriously. It’s a waste of time. Spying to do what?” wondered the president.

“If I want secrets you will not know because the secrets are in my head, they are not on microphone.”

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