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Quick Fix: Museveni issues directives on names excluded from register hours to NRM Primaries

President Yoweri Museveni Courtesy photo

President Yoweri Museveni has ordered all National Resistance Movement (NRM) committees at village level to add the missing party members in the registers ahead of the primaries scheduled for September 04.

On several occasions, many people have been complaining about their names being excluded from the voters’ register. This has left them wondering whether they will vote for their candidates or not.

With only few days left for the NRM primary elections to commence, President Museveni, who is the NRM National chairman has ordered all the branch (village) executive committees, to quickly settle this matter and ensure that every NRM member, participates in this exercise.

In a letter dated September 02, President Museveni also informed the NRM branch (village) committees to allow all members whose names appear in the registers to vote.

Museveni ordered that all NRM members whose names are not in the register should be immediately added and allowed to vote, if they are eligible to vote.

But he cautioned executive members to verify such people’s particulars.

In places where there are no registers, President Museveni continued, village executive committees should verify and register the members eligible to vote. 

In his guidance, the President further advised the concerned committee members to carry out the process transparently and to observe the Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) to prevent the spread of Covid19.

The ruling party will hold their primary elections to choose flag bearers for district woman member of parliament and direct members of Parliament ahead of the 2021 election.

The primaries will then continue with local council elections.

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