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Protests in Ntungamo as Rushenyi county results delay

Protesters block a road in Ntungamo Courtesy photo

Transport and businesses in Rwentobo and Rwahi trading centres in Ntungamo district have been put on a halt, after supporters Naomi Kabasharira, staged protests, demanding an instant resignation of National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission leadership.

Protestors are blaming the committee for over delaying to declare their candidate as a winner in the Rushenyi county party primary elections.

The irritated crowds have cut off the roads with logs, stones and sticks as they are chanting Naomi’s names.

On September 15, the NRM Electoral Commission boss Dr. Tanga Odoi, released partial results of the Rushenyi county election, where the incumbent Mwesigwa Rukutana was in the lead with 20 votes more than Kabasharira’s.

It should be remembered that a tallying process that was conducted recently yielded no fruits, due to chaos that erupted from the two antagonistic sides when the tallying officer tried to announce results of an area where voting did not take place.

Naomi Kabasharira was in the first place declared the winner of the fiercely contested race, before Rukutana petitioned for a re-examine of the result.

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