Prophet Who Accurately Predicted William Ruto Presidency Has Revealed Uganda’s Next President after Museveni (See Shocking Details)

Bobi Wine, Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Museveni

A prophet who accurately predicted the election of Dr William Samoei Ruto as Kenya’s fifth president is at it again, this time predicting the next president of Uganda, a country whose citizens know no other president other than Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni since 1986.

Gen Museveni, now aged 78, has ruled Uganda for 36 years. Last year, he won another term in office, five years long, and will have ruled the oil rich East African country for four decades in a row by the end of his current term in 2026.

Then, Gen Museveni will be aged 82, and he is likely to go for another term ending in 2031. The question of who will succeed Gen Museveni when he retires from office has been a matter of speculation. But in recent years, there have been some clues.

The president’s potential successors include his son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, a top official in the country’s national army, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) where he is the Commander of Land Forces (CLF). Opposition politicians such as longtime leader Dr Kizza Besigye and political new comer and singer Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine as well as top leaders and ex-leaders in the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) also make the list of Gen Museveni’s probable successors.

But one man, a prophet who is on record for predicting the victory Kenya’s Ruto who recently took oath as president, succeeding Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, has claimed to have seen a vision of Uganda’s next leader.

Interested in Uganda’s succession equation, welcome Zimbabwean Prophet Dr Ian Ndlovu of Kingdom Baptist Ministries and his prophecy of Uganda’s next president after Museveni.

First, Ndlovu claims that in the spiritual world, Uganda is a kingdom and that in his several visions of the general from Rwakitura, he has often seen Museveni with a king’s crown on his head. He included his own country of Zimbabwe on the list of nations that are in the category of kingdoms on the African continent, nations where elections do not count much in as far as determining who takes power is concerned, and countries where democracy is large a farce.


The prophet says this is not the first time he has seen the man who will be Uganda’s next president in his vision but previous visions had not been as clear as the recent ones the basis of which he has announced the prophecy on ‘the next king of Uganda.’

“I have seen him in an earlier vision hunting with his father. So, I was not certain whether whatever they were discussing whether the thing had been accepted by God – sanctioned by God to be – or whether it was them trying to shape history according to their will until God said ‘in this period of Rosasharn I should come and tell the intercessors so that the intercessors in that country won’t stress themselves and most probably lose life and limb to try and change what they cannot change. There is time for everything,” Ndlovu told his congregation recently, adding that those who have eyes have already seen the country’s next leader unveiled.

“In his nation, he has already been unveiled, it’s just that some people are resisting the reality. Things will be formalized from now onwards. Whether they like it or not, things will begin to move very fast and we are helping intercessors there to understand that they are entering into a new season, the season of this next king.”

He then delved into the details of his vision.

“I have seen this man in an earlier vision but over the past two weeks I have been seeing him regularly. To be precise, I have seen him four times in a vision. The first time that I saw him was when he was standing on one of the high mountains in Northern Uganda and he was carrying a giant spear, a very big and long spear. It is not possible for one person to carry that spear,” Ndlovu narrated.

“And then he made a piercing motion, first to the East, then to the North, then West and lastly in the Southern direction, to symbolize conquest. Then he threw the spear like it’s just nothing into the air and it was carried by a very big wind and the spear fell without hurting anyone, near a very big lake.”

According to Ndlovu’s vision, the spear was carried to the Royal Palace near the big lake by a group of preachers who kept taking turns, carrying the heavy metal. He went on to say that the same man fell at the feet of two elderly preachers who prayed for him.


So, what does this really mean? Ndlovu went on to say that ‘God’ told him about Uganda’s next king.

“The spirit of God say the new king of Uganda is just about to be unveiled. He will be both tough and gentle at the same time. He will have a heart minded after the things of the Kingdom of God. During his reign, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ shall prosper and flourish. God will use him to bring about and instill peace even in the East African region. He will continue the legacy of the current king but he will have his own voice and his own ways and means. He will not hide his faith in God. He will pray openly and proclaim God’s goodness,” he said.

He also talked of the opposition the new ‘king’ will face, as well as the insults he might get from Ugandans for the prophecy that might shock many.

“There are some who will try to cause trouble for him especially at the early stages of his reign but they will not succeed,” he said.

“I know some people in Uganda who are going to be angry at my message and some have got a habit of insulting me on the internet. I am now used to that.”

Ndlovu did not name the person God had told him would be Uganda’s next king. But some people familiar with Ugandan politics interpreted the vision to refer to Lt Gen Kainerugaba while other said that the mention of a mountain in Northern Uganda means that Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Norbert Mao is the chosen successor to Museveni.

For now, you can read and watch a video showing how this prophet accurately predicted William Ruto’s victory as Kenya’s president HERE.

This same prophet has also revealed that an elderly long-serving president from the East African region is suffering from prostate cancer but pretends to be fine, and that he should hand over power or else wait to die and plunge his nation into chaos. (Read Story and Watch Video HERE).

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