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PROOF: Midland High School Boss Tables Evidence to Prove That The Students in Viral Bus Video are from Lubiri High School

Students in Midland High School

Midland High School has produced evidence to prove that the students filmed dancing themselves in its bus were not the education institution but from Lubiri High School. 

The video, in which students are seen ‘chewing each others’ beans’ inside a Midland High School branded bus, has left Ugandans talking about what happens inside the walls of schools and buses during trips outside education institutions.

When the video first surfaced online, Midland High School issued a statement, saying the students were not from their institution, but rather from Lubiri High School which had hired the bus to transport its students for a trip to Jinja.

Hours later, the management of Lubiri High School also issued a statement disowning claims that the students captured on camera while chopping each other were from their institution.

In a nutshell both Lubiri and Midland High Schools have disowned the students in the shocking video, creating more confusion on which institution the learners are from.

Both schools claimed that they had strong Christian foundations and that they emphasized discipline at their premises. That such misconduct can never be allowed to thrive at any of of the schools.

To prove that their school bus had been hired to Lubiri High School to transport students to Jinja, Midland High School headteacher FX Kyasa has included a receipt of the transaction to in the education institution’s official statement on the matter.

The receipt indicates that Lubiri High School, based in Mengo, Kampala, hired the Midland High School bus to transport students on Friday, June 10, 2022.

Issued on Thursday, June 09, a day before the trip, the receipt also shows that Lubiri paid Midland Shs1m in cash in order to use its bus.

PROOF: Midland High School Boss Tables Evidence to Prove That The Students in Viral Bus Video are from Lubiri High School
Midland High School tables receipt showing that Lubiri High School hired their bus.


You can watch the video of high school students ‘dancing and chewing each other’ in the Midland High School bus HERE.

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