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PRIORITIES! With 666 Cars, Museveni State House & Office Have Four Times More Vehicles Than All Ambulances in Government Hospitals

Museveni Residence Has 266 Vehicles, His Office 400

Museveni in one of his cars. Courtesy Photo

MUSEVENI CARS: Uganda’s presidency has four times more vehicles than the total number of ambulances in the country’s public (government-owned) health facilities and facilities, a minority report from Parliament’s budget committee has indicated.

On Thursday, January 25, Parliament convened to discuss considerations for the 2024-25 National Budget Framework Paper.

Figures in the 2024-25 budget framework paper indicate that Uganda will spend Shs52.722 trillion in the next financial year (FY2024-2025). Tax collector Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) will have the task of collecting Shs29.957 trillion to support the budget.

Government will borrow Shs8.876 trillion from external lenders to run a number of development projects. The Museveni administration will also borrow Shs4.116 trillion from local commercial banks (domestic borrowing). Of the projected budget, Uganda will spend Shs23.977 trillion on debt repayment and obligations.


Opposition MPs Ssemujju Nganda (Kira Municipality), Yusuf Nsibambi (Mawokota South), Muwada Nkunyingi (Kyadondo East) and Evans Kanyinke (Bokoto Central) presented a minority report on the 2024-25 budget framework paper, wondering why State House had more vehicles for Museveni, his wife, family and office than the number of ambulances in the country’s public hospitals.

While the presidency had 666 vehicles, there were only 178 ambulances in public health facilities. Museveni’s residence or State House has 266 cars while his office has 400 cars, according to the opposition MPs.

“There are people in this Parliament who claim to love President Museveni more than Dr.Kizza Besigye who treated him when they were fighting in Luweero,” said Ssemujju, the shadow finance minister.

“Even if you are one of them, you cannot justify the President keeping 266 vehicles at his residence (State House) and 400 vehicles under his office yet the total number of ambulances in Public facilities is 178. The convoy alone is 69 vehicles.”

Ssemujju has previously expressed shock at the president’s State House big budget, wondering if Museveni and his wife Janet eat a whole cow everyday. There were also concerns on the money spent on Museveni’s clothes and beddings. (See Details Here and There).

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