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Prince Nakibinge to Museveni Security Intelligence: Stop Wasting Your Time Spying on Me


Prince Kassim Nakibinge, the titular head of the Ugandan Muslim Community has told President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s security intelligence officers to stop wasting their time spying on him.

Instead, Prince Nakibinge wants such intelligence efforts to be cahnneled towards improving the security situation around the country.

Speaking at his home in Kibuli, Kampala, where he hosted Muslims after Eid-al-Aduha prayers, Prince Nakibinge was expressed concern over the reemergence of bijambiya crime in Masaka.

He said it was high time security focused their intelligence on preventing such senseless murders instead of the state sending spies to eavesdrop on his conversations.

Noting that spies were some of the civil servants who did not rest even on this important religious holiday, Nakibinge revealed that the state has been sending some officials to spy on him.

Speaking as if he could see some of them in the congratulation, Nakibinge made it clear that he had nothing to hide.

He added that whatever he usually says is in the public domain and that there is no need of sending spies since his speeches are broadcast live or aired in news stories.

He was particularly unhappy that some of the spies want to eavesdrop on his prayers and hear what he is telling his God!

Previously, Prince Nakibinge was reportedly a big factor in the resignation of the Kibuli sect Mufti Ndirangwa, with Bobi Wine’s influence also hinted on in the matter. (See Details Here)

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