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PRESIDENT’S DECISION ON MABAATI SAGA: Museveni Finally Reveals What He Will Do to His Ministers Who ‘Stole’ Karamoja Iron Sheets


Ugandan President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has announced what he will do to all his ministers named in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal. 

In a brief dated April 03, 2023, on the procurement and distribution of iron sheets by the Office Of The Prime Minister, Gen Museveni extensively gave his thoughts on the whole Karamoja mabaaati scandal, detailing what should happen to those involved.

The president was responding to a brief sent by Prime Minister Nabbanja on March 09 regarding the Karamoja ‘mabaati’ (iron sheets) scandal.

The General from Rwakitura made it very clear that he had concluded that there were what he called “two issues of wrong-doing involved.” These included political corruption and subversion.

“If somebody, look mabaati meant for the Karachuna and gave them to people or institutions in his or her Constituency, this is political corruption. It is like bribing voters so as to get political favours,” explained Museveni.

“In the case of the mabaati, it is at the expense of the Karachuna, but also at the expense of security of the country. Remember, this giving of mabaati to the Karachuna is part of removing them from causing insecurity. Those Ministers are, therefore, undermining that in exchange of cheap popularity. This is actually subversive. Under the NRA Code, cheap popularity, is characterized as subversive.”

He made it clear that all the ministers that were who “consciously involved” themselves in the Karamoja mabaati scandal “must take personal responsibility, pay back the value of the mabaati they diverted” before the appointing authority can “decide on the political action to punish this mistake.”

Museveni also issued orders on what those who “unconsciously” received and used the iron sheets should do. “Those who were unconsciously involved, should return the mabaati, if they are still available or personally re-imburse the value of the mabaati they diverted,” the president directed.

Museveni also directed police to investigate those who used the mabaati for their personal use, after which probe he will take political decision.

“The second issue are those who took the mabaati for personal use. This is not just a political mistake, it is theft. Those involved must both bring back the mabaati or equivalent value in money but also be handled by the Police under the Criminal Laws of the country. I will also take political action once the Police has concluded their investigations.”

It should be remembered that on Thursday, April 06, while covering herself in a ‘veil of shame,’ Karamoja Affairs Minister Mary Goretti Kitutu appeared before the Anti-Corruption Court and was formally charged and remanded to Luzira Prisonwhere she spent her Easter holiday behind bars. (See Details Here and There).

There have also been calls for the Arrest Speaker Among, VP Alupo, PM Nabbanja & All Ministers Named in Karamoja Iron Sheets Scandal.

The Anti-Corruption Court has also issued criminal summons against Minister Kitutu’s assistant.

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