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PRAY FOR US: Chief Justice Koome, DCJ Mwilu Ask Kenyans ahead of Monday’s Supreme Court Ruling

Deputy Chief Justice Philemona Mwilu and Chief Justice Martha Koome. Photo by The Judiciary Kenya

Chief Justice Martha Koome and her deputy Phimomena Mwilu have asked Kenyans to pray for the Supreme Court bench as the judges retreat to file their judgement for the 2022 presidential election petition. 

Today, the judges heard responses to questions they put before lawyers of the petitioners and respondents.

CJ Koome announced that a judgment will ‘definitely’ be delivered on Monday, September 05, 2022, and that a notice will be sent to the parties on the time when the highest court in the land will give its verdict.

In her communication before court retreated to consider the arguments and counter arguments from the petitioners and respondents, Justice Mwilu, who was today’s marshal, asked lawyers and all Kenyans to pray for members of the Supreme Court bench.

“Pray for us as we undertake the next phase — it’s actually not the more difficult one. You have helped us with the more difficult part, but it is intense, for which reason therefore we ask you that you pray to whatever God you pray to that that God will assist us to continue in the spirit we have been in for the last one year and that we shall have a very high sense of discernment, and that we shall return to Kenya a judgement not less than what Kenya expects,” said Mwilu, who doubles as the Vice President of the Court.

Chief Justice Koome emphasized Mwilu’s plea for prayers for the Supreme Court judges.

“We continue to ask — like the Vice President has said — that you continue to pray for us so that we can render judgement that promotes our Constitution, that is anchored in the law, that nurtures our democracy, that bring harmony to our country and everything good that is detailed in our Constitution,” noted the Supreme Court President.

Earlier during the proceeding Raila Odinga’s lawyers made shocking revelations about how Venezuelan national Jose Carmago reportedly changed presidential election results to favour William Ruto. (Read Story Here).

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