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Polly Namaye clears air on threats to quit her job over Bobi Wine protests

Polly Namaye, the deputy spokesperson of the Uganda Police Force.

Deputy police spokesperson Polly Namaye has dismissed, as propaganda, social media reports that she plans to resign over the force’s handling of city protests sparked off by the arrest of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The protests over Bobi Wine’s November 18 arrest I’m the district of Luuka have claimed about 30 lives and left many injured.

As security agencies became a punching bag, with many blaming the fatalities on the highandedness of police and the military, yet-to-be-identified social media users crafted a post expressing Namaye’s alleged frustration and published it on a parody account in her name.

“If what is going on in our nation keeps this way, I AM RESIGNING FROM POLICE!!! Uganda Police institution is now militarized,” read a tweet via @bnamaye1.

“When you talk you die, and when you keep quiet you die… We took an oath to the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and not to any individual.”

Now, Namaye has made it clear she is yet to consider quitting her job, terming the fake post ‘propaganda.’

“Hehehehee….Look at these fakers. Now that their propaganda has failed they are trying to force us to resign through fake twitter accounts. What a shame! Some piece of advice though: UPF remains strong with or without your fake allegations,” she clarified via @PollyNamaye.

Fake posts and parody accounts are not new tools of propaganda. They are only expected to increase as the country gets politically charged ahead of the 2021 elections.

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