Police to exhume buried Bobi Wine bodyguard Senteza after NUP supporters ‘blocked’ attempts to conduct postmortem

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

Uganda Police Force (UPF) spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed the security agency will seek court orders to exhume the body of Francis Frank Senteza Kalibala, the deceased bodyguard of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Enanga says its efforts to carry out a postmortem on the body before burial were frustrated by defiant NUP supporters who reportedly blocked pathologists.

Police had ordered that the body be transferred to Mulago but NUP supporters carried it to Kamwokya for a vigil.

They later buried it in Kalungu District on December 28 despite the fallen bodyguard’s family granting police permission to first conduct a postmortem in conjunction with family doctors.

Here’s Enanga’s full statement

As part of investigations into the death of Frank Senteza, a private bodyguard of Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, our task teams actively investigating the matter, faced a setback, after the victim was buried at the ancestral home along Villa road, in Kalungu District, without being examined on post mortem.

Yesterday 27.12.2020, the body of the victim was released with post mortem forms, by Rubaga Hospital to close relatives and NUP members for them to transfer the body to Mulago City Mortuary for postmortem analysis. Unfortunately, they diverted the Ambulance and the body of the victim to the NUP offices in Kamwokya, where a vigil was held.

The body was thereafter, transferred to the deceased’s ancestral home in Kalungu Villa Road, for burial.

Several engagements with the family including Major General Elly Kayanja, granted permission for a post mortem examination to be carried out in Masaka.

Our team of pathologists flew by chopper to Masaka to conduct a joint postmortem analysis with family doctors, to help classify the cause of death and the nature of injuries.

Despite clearance from the family, several NUP supporters who were aggressive blocked police efforts to have the body of the deceased examined by a joint team of medical experts.

They proceeded to bury the victim, without postmortem examination. We are disturbed by the conduct of these supporters in blocking the postmortem examination.

We have now started the process of obtaining a court order to exhume the body of the victim for post mortem analysis, to classify the cause of death and the nature of injuries.

The initiative is also a great opportunity for our task teams of investigators to make sure all the different parts of the investigations are completed.

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