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Police Orders Lubiri High School to Suspend Students Filmed ‘Dancing Themselves’ in Midland High School Bus


Uganda Police Force (UPF) has told Lubiri High School to suspend all the students who were filmed ‘dancing themselves’ a bus belonging to Midland High School. 

On June 10, social media was awash with debates on a video which the students were captured doing things that some thought were not good for their age.

After the video spread like wild fire, UPF’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations instituted inquiries into acts by these students of Lubiri High School.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, 73 students were in the bus that was returning from a field trip in Jinja on June 10.

Blaming the school for failing to supervise the students on the bus, UPF recommended that the school management immediately suspends all the students who participated in the indecent behavior and those who recorded and posted the videos on social media.

“This will act as a lesson to other students in school, to behave in a more responsible manner. Upon their return to school, they will be counseled by probation officers in charge of the area, on appropriate behavior and how to refocus their attention on learning,” added Enanga.

Meanwhile, the state has already slapped charges against two Lubiri High School with neglect to prevent a felony. (Read Story Here).

You can watch the video of Lubiri High School students dancing themselves in a Midland High School bus HERE.


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