Police obtains footage of Tegu mob incident

Emmanuel Tegu.

Police operatives have retrieved footage thought to obtain vital information on the clobbering of Makerere student Emmanuel Tegu.

Tegu died at the weekend at Mulago Hospital after suspected mob action near Lumumba Hall a week earlier.

His family and friends insist it was LDUs and police that beat him up.

On Monday, police spokesperson Fred Enanga was ridiculed online for claiming Tegu suffered bipolar disorder and had tried to stone officers.

Police had not taken action until the ‘Justice for Tegu’ campaign gathered steam.

Two days ago, it made arrests in connection with the incident.

Guards at the Makerere Centenary Bank branch have also recorded statements on the incident.

St Augustine chaplain Fr Josephat Ddungu has also claimed he had seen the guards and residents beat Tegu, and asked them to stop beating him.

The guards at the bank are from private security firm SGA. Two of them are in detention, one is on the run.

On Wednesday, operatives retrieved the CCTV footage the cameras at St Augustine captured.

But officers blocked reporters from accessing the CCTV control room where the extraction happened.

Fr Ddungu had wanted the media to access the control room, and for the footage to be released to the public.

But operatives insisted reporters would obtain the footage from Enanga.

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