Police clears air on officer caught having sex with Covid19 patient at Busia quarantine center

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

Uganda Police Force (UPF) has spoken out on reports that its officer was caught having sex with a female Covid19 patient under quarantine in Busia.

Reports published online claimed that health officials put the said officer under quarantine at the Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) in Busia after he slept with a patient.

On July 17, reports claimed that Police Constable Emmanuel Ng’etich had slept with a female Covid19 patient.

Prison warders guarding the facility had become suspicious after they saw Constable Ng’etich conversing with the patient.

It was Police Constable Jeff Obondo, a prison warder, who informed his colleagues that he suspected Ng’etich and the Covid19 patient were planning something from the lively conversation.

Later, reports further claimed, Ng’etich and the Covid19 patient were not where Obondo had left them conversing.

Noise and commotion from the women’s ward led the warders to where the duo was at about 10pm.

At the women’s ward, patients had reportedly fled from Ng’etich who they claim was raping the patient. But some women at the ward said the two had severally had intercourse.

The female patient was only protesting because they had discovered her mischief, fellow patients alleged.

Police reportedly found Ng’etich and the female patient naked.


With Constable Ng’etich now under quarantine, Uganda Police has clarified that the officer is from Kenya, and not a Ugandan.

“We would like the public to disregard the allegations on social media that the Busia Police officer who was caught in a sexual act at a quarantine center was Ugandan,” said UPF in a statement.

“The incident happened at Agricultural Training College, Busia county in Kenya. This college is used as a quarantine center in Kenya and the Police officer was deployed  there.”

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