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POISONING? Kawanga Ssemogerere Body Samples to be Tested for Poison Traces


Samples have been taken from the body of former Democratic Party (DP) president general Dr Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere, and will be tested to rule out any likelihood of poisoning as cause of death for the 90-year-old respected politician. 

While Dr Kawanga Ssemogerere was of advanced age and had been known to be sick, his personal physician, Dr Charles Kasozi, told mourners gathered at the Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala for a requiem mass on Sunday, November 20, 2022, that the demise of former DP leader was sudden and not expected at the time it happened.

Kawanga Ssemogerere breathed his last on Friday, November 18, 2022 morning at his home in Kampala’s Rubaga area. A tolerant politician known for preaching against the use of violence to gain political power, Ssemogerere was a former minister of internal affairs, ex-minister of public service, former minister of foreign affairs and ex-deputy prime minister. (You can Read Kawanga Ssemogerere’s quick profile Here).

Details are steadily emerging on the former DP leader’s cause of death. First, his brother John Baptist Kawanga had revealed something about Ssemogerere’s last moments on earth. (See Details Here).

Later on Sunday, November 20, the deceased’s former personal doctor Charles Kasozi delved into the cause of death, revealing contents of a postmortem report and telling family, friends and mourners what really killed Ssemogerere. (Read Story Here).

Dr Kasozi also revealed that a number of samples have been taken from the body of Dr Ssemogerere so that they can be tested to find out if there was any poison in the blood or any organ of the former DP president general, and if such toxins or poisonous substances could have led to the sudden death.

The doctor told mourners that up to seven samples have been drawn from the body by pathologists and that this will be examined for any possible cause of poisoning. The samples were taken from Ssemogerere’s brain, heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, adrenal gland, bladder, prostrate and stomach esophagus.

Results from the tests done on these samples are expected in the next 14 days, meaning that around December 05, 2022, doctors will be able to tell the fallen politician’s family members, friends and the entire nation if there was any kind of poisoning that Semogerere suffered and if this was part of the factors that led to his death.

For now, Dr Kawanga Ssemogerere’s funeral program will continue as planned, and those handling this program are expected to follow some shocking orders and other things that Ssemogerere put in his will, particularly those regarding what should and what should not be done on his burial ceremony. (See Details Here).

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