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POISONED? Here’s the Truth About ‘Strange Disease’ That Forced Besigye to Seek Treatment Abroad


When veteran opposition politician Dr Kizza Besigye felt unwell a few months ago, he decided to fly abroad to seek specialized diagnosis and better treatment for his condition. All along, he was worried that he could have been poisoned, probably by those his activism gives sleepless nights. 

For weeks throughout February, March and part of April 2023, the usually active Dr Besigye was so quiet that his silence was deemed loud. On return to the country, Besigye would give an update on his health condition, vowing to continue piling pressure on the Museveni regime.

A long-suffering leader of the anti-Museveni struggle, Besigye flew out of the country sometime in February 2023. He spent time with his family in Geneva and took rest as recommended by doctors. (See more Here).

Now, Besigye has spoken out about the fear he first had when he fell sick, suspecting that he could have been poisoned. A medical doctor by training, Besigye had also thought that he could manage his condition using his expertise and with the help of his doctors.

“I first thought it was an ordinary thing; I tried using my own knowledge to deal with it and failed. And eventually I thought it wise to get out [of the country] because we live in a rather difficult environment,” Besigye told reporters in Kampala on Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

“I’m sure you all know that we are always worried of being poisoned. Poison is something that even the media has been very worried about and everyone is worried about. So if you’re unwell and not clear what is causing it you get worried.”

But the doctor and retired colonel from Rwakabengo would feel relieved after healthe experts abroad confirmed that he had a viral infection and had not been poisoned as he had feared.

“Happily having gone to good centres where all things can be explored, it became clear that I had had a viral infection which caused my sudden problems, the illness that I had. Like all viral infections there are no specific treatments – only supportive treatment and the body heals itself,” he further noted.

“So, by the Grace of God – because when we say that the body heals itself, it is the Grace of God. So, the Grace of God healed me.”

It should be remembered that reports of poisoning and the fear of being poisoned have been common in recent decades. Former spymaster Dr David Sejusa (formerly Tinyefuuza) has previously spoken out on the fear of being poisoned in Museveni’s cabinet, High Command meetings and in Parliament. (See Details and Video Here).

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