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POINT BLANK: Museveni Announces Uganda’s Final Position on Homosexuality after World Bank Funding Freeze

Museveni. Courtesy Photo

Ugandan President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibubahurwa Museveni has reiterated the country’s position on homosexuality following the World Bank Group’s decision to suspend any approval of public financing for projects over the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Act.

As a way of forcing Uganda to give in to their demands for the promotion of homosexuality in the impoverished East African nation, World Bank Group officials recently announced a freeze on all loans meant for Kampala.

President Museveni and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa have insisted that Uganda does not necessarily need loans to develop, and that there is no need for anyone to panic.

But some are punching holes Museveni government officials’ assurances, saying that these top leaders and officials in government as well their wives, children and relatives do not depend on public health and education services – that the World Bank has been supporting – but rather seek expensive private health and education services home and abroad. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

That notwithstanding, while some at the World Bank might have expected Museveni to concede and direct Parliament to revise the Anti-Homosexuality Act, the elderly and long-serving Ugandan leader has described the Group and other imperialist donors as “insufferable,” ones he has always wanted to tell off but was restraining himself.

“However, the only appropriate English adjective I can remember from my 14 years study of the English language (1952-1966), is: “insufferable”, that can describe some of these actors. Some of these imperialist actors, are insufferable,” said Museveni.

“You have to work hard, to restrain yourself from exploding with anger. They are so shallow, they do not know when and where to stop. It is this shallowness in philosophy, ideology and strategy, that interferes with the global efforts to generate consensus for the good and even for the salvation of mankind from possible environmental and other man-made catastrophes.”

Museveni also described the World Bank’s decision to freeze loans over the Anti-Homosexuality Act as provocative, especially for descendants of the Ugandan martyrs who defended their faith with their lives.

“Hence, the recent provocation and arrogance by the World Bank Group on a subject of the homosexuals that we have so patiently discussed with so many of those elements. To dare think that the Ugandans, the brothers, the sisters and grandchildren of the Christian religious Martyrs of 1884 against our own tyrannical Kings, the Martyrs of the Luwero War (the 9th of June-Heroes), can be intimidated by the threat of withdrawal of loans and aid, that are, moreover, peripheral to our transformation efforts, is the epitome of mistake-making, to say the least.”

The President has also argued that “the World Bank and other external actors, have no capacity to interrupt our transformation journey.”

He vowed to crush Ugandan officials who have made it a habit to push for loans from the World Bank and other agencies even when there is no significant impact from the borrowing.

“It is actually the internal weaknesses, that delay our forward march and that must and will be crushed. The internal weaknesses are two: the neo-colonial misplanners that have been historically manning the civil service and also present in the political class on account of the neo-colonial social sciences taught in the educational system; and the corrupt parasites in the same groups that delay the operations of the private sector or demand bribes from them. The mis-planners who see no problem with Africa, Uganda included, only producing raw materials.”

Meanwhile, Museveni has urged Ugandans to ensure that “the provocations by the World Bank and the thoughtless homo-sexual lobby, should not provoke us into being, automatically, anti-Western.”

He observed that just like in the colonial times, “even today, there are many friendly forces in the West, but they are intimidated by these disoriented lobbies. Our firm resistance to the wrong doers, assists them.”

But Museveni had a warning for Uganda’s Western partners, telling them that they “should also know that the reckless actions by some of these elements, could interfere with the fundamental interests of the citizens of the World in, for instance, fighting against terrorism and chauvinisms of different types (religious,etc.). We have been co-operating in fighting terrorists in Somalia, Eastern Congo, on the Sudan border in the past, etc. “

For now, a number of government projects will be stopped because they will no longer get World Bank money. Museveni’s government has revealed that it may cut salaries of all civil servants following the World Bank’s decision. (See Details Here and There).

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