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POINT BLANK! Bobi Wine Warns Bugingo after Pastor Survived Assassination

Bugingo is a known supporter of Muhoozi’s MK Movement

Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo and Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photos

 National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has spoken out on the attempted assassination on House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

Bugingo, a controversial pastor, survived an attempted assassination on his life on January 02. His driver and bodyguard Richard Muhumuza died in the attack.

The pastor is a known supporter of first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s MK Movement. Gen Muhoozi, who is his father’s (President Yoweri Museveni’s) senior advisor on special operations.

Gen Muhoozi has called on state security agencies “to quickly investigate and bring these criminals to justice,” and to bring to book those attacking his supporters.

“Who are these criminals? Is it ADF or some other shadowy group? We need answers to these questions. This is the second attack on our supporters in the last eight months and no offender has been brought to book yet. The case of the cold-blooded murder of Isma Olaxess is still unresolved. Once again we thank God that Pastor Bugingo survived this heinous attack,” wrote Muhoozi.


Bobi claimed that Bugingo had been spreading hatred against him and his political movement but the NUP had chosen to love him. He has also urged his supporters to send prayers to the controversial pastor.

“Although Pastor Bugingo has been very hateful towards us and our struggle for a better country, I want to encourage all of us to pray for him at this time and extend sympathy towards him and his family. Jesus teaches us in Matthew 5:44-45, to ‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…’  Maybe God gave him another chance so as to open his eyes to the realities in our country,” wrote Bobi Wine.

“For him to see what exactly we are fighting for! Yes, he publicly rejoiced when some of our people, including our brother counsel Wameli died, but we must have the courage to return love where there is hate.”

Bobi Wine also urged Bugingo not to allow bad people to keep using him. He insisted that nobody was safe in a country where there was lawlessness and dictatorship.

“I hope he will use his life to glorify God and not men, and to hate the devil and not fellow human beings. Our country is so messed up, that some ‘men and women of God’ feel safer with soldiers and guns other than the presence of God, and they struggle to appease those in power instead of appeasing the almighty God. What a shame!” further wrote Bobi Wine.

“I also hope it reminds all those who are used by the dictator against their own people. In a lawless country, no one is safe! We must never wait for such crimes to happen to us or our loved ones before we speak out. When we complain and demand that our country is governed better, that guns are not in wrong hands, that crimes are investigated, etc…the regime apologists claim we’re simply doing politics, until they’re the victims! So many examples have been given in the past, but unfortunately, they never learn!”

It should be remembered that even Bobi Wine has claimed that some state agents wanted to kill him. (See Details Here).

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