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Plot to disrupt Museveni swearing-in: Army warns those spreading ‘Baganda vs Bahima’ sectarian messages


UPDF spokesperson Brig Flavia Byekwaso has sounded a clear warning to those spreading Baganda vs Bahima sectarianism as part of a plot to disrupt President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony.

Museveni won the January 14 presidential election, garnering 58 per cent of the just over 10 million votes cast.

His closest challenger Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine managed 35 per cent of the votes, majority of these from his home region of Buganda.

Bobi Wine would later rush to the Supreme Court to challenge Museveni’s victory, only to withdraw his petition citing bias on the side of judges.

He said he would take his case to the public court, and declared protests against Museveni’s victory.

But the demos failed to materialize.

Now, Byekwaso says the army, police and other security agencies have received intelligence information that some people are planning protests to block Museveni’s inauguration.

Speaking during a joint security briefing at the police headquarters at Naguru in the capital Kampala on April 26, Byekwaso and fellow security spokespersons presented placards reportedly being used by some to rally Ugandans to block Museveni’s inauguration.

The placards contain sectarian messages, seemingly meant to put two ethnic groups.

They make mention of Baganda and Bahima.

One of the placards written in Luganda loosely translates to: ‘He [Museveni] will not take oath as president, let a Muganda also become president.”

The words on another placard loosely to: “Let’s chase Bahima on May 01.”

Byekwaso said the security forces were ready to deal with those spreading sectarianism and propaganda.

“We are all aware that the president of the Republic of Uganda has warned against tribalism and sectarianism. As security forces, we will fight negative propaganda,” she said.

“Any person who stands in the way of peace will be dealt with decisively. Ugandans are urged to desist from such, they are not productive. We urge those who are planning for such to stop because we are aware and know where they are.”

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