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PLE 2020 Results: See Best Performing Schools in Bushenyi, Kasese, Mbarara, Fort Portal & Other Western Uganda districts, Municipalities

Dan Odongo, the Uneb executive secretary

The top best primary schools in the western Uganda districts and municipalities of Bushenyi, Kasese, Mbarara, Kabale, Hoima, Fort Portal, Ibanda, Bundibugyo, Kanungu, Kyenjonjo, Kyegegwa, Mitooma, Ntungamo, Rukungiri and Sheema have been named following the release, on July 16 at State House Entebbe, of the 2020 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results.

See the list: 

Ntandi SDA Integrated Primary SchoolBundibugyo48   
Super Primary SchoolBundibugyo178  
Kibiito Primary SchoolBunyangabu9813  
St.Johns Yerya Primary SchoolBunyangabu7718  
St.Kagwa Boarding BushenyiBushenyi M/C15030  
Pearl Junior SchoolBushenyi M/C8516  
Bweranyangi Primary SchoolBushenyi M/C715  
Parental Care Primary SchoolBushenyi M/C47   
Bushenyi Parents Primary SchoolBushenyi M/C3911  
Ishaka Preparatory SchoolBushenyi M/C272  
Patience Primary School,KashenyiBushenyi M/C265  
Kitabi Girlsprimary SchoolBushenyi Main2511  
Kayengo Primary SchoolBushenyi Main205  
Banyaterezas Golden Mem. Primary SchoolFortportal M/C86   
Green Circle Primary SchoolFortportal M/C726  
Njara Primary SchoolFortportal M/C52   
Flobbeto Nursery And Primary SchoolHoima M/C867  
Step By Step Primary SchoolHoima M/C518  
St.Francisco P.7 SchoolHoima M/C372  
Gods Grace Primary SchoolHoima M/C145  
Canaan Day Model Primary SchoolHoima Main24   
Ibanda Town Primary SchoolIbanda M/C6221  
St.Paul Primary School IgororaIbanda Main4919  
Bishop Asili Mem. Nursery Primary SchoolKabale M/C786  
Kabale Quality Primary SchoolKabale M/C7720  
St.Maria Goretti Primary SchoolKabale M/C6020  
Kabale Preparatory SchoolKabale M/C363  
Child Africa Junior School, KabaleKabale M/C282  
New Foundation Primary SchoolKabale M/C187  
Victorious Preparatory SchoolKabale Main305  
Jack And Jill Primary SchoolKabale Main196  
Excel Primary School,RwimiKabarole545  
Christ Aid Primary School, FortportalKabarole501  
St.Mbaga Primary School,NyakigumbaKabarole358  
Mpumbu Primary SchoolKabarole3410  
Hope Primary SchoolKabarole2811  
Quality Education Primary SchoolKagadi279  
Oxford Modern School,BiguliKamwenge639  
Bishops Primary School KinkiziKanungu287  
Bishop Mazzolid Primary SchoolKanungu224  
Ntungamo Parents SchoolKanungu20   
St.Julie Model Primary SchoolKibaale193  
Kayomba Memorial Parents Primary SchoolKyankwanzi39   
Humura Primary SchoolKyegegwa317  
Paragon Parents SchoolKyegegwa19   
Katooke Modern Day & Brd. Primary SchoolKyenjojo485  
Light Star Primary SchoolKyenjojo365  
Nyankwanzi Primary SchoolKyenjojo62  
Mbarara Municipal C SchoolMbarara M/C2801101 
Mbarara Junior SchoolMbarara M/C17416  
Mbarara Preparatory SchoolMbarara M/C5112 1
St.Kizito Preparatory SeminaryMbarara M/C4319  
Mandela Junior Primary SchoolMbarara M/C345  
St.Agnes Centre For EducationMbarara M/C335  
Centenary Standard Primary SchoolMbarara M/C2811  
Kelben Unique Junior School,MbararaMbarara M/C216  
Katabarwa Mem. Day & Brd Primary SchoolMbarara Main535  
St.Josephs Model Primary SchoolMbarara Main478  
Rukanja Primary SchoolMbarara Main3816  
Wagga Wagga Primary SchoolMbarara Main276  
Rubindi Preparatory SchoolMbarara Main264  
Mabira Parents Primary SchoolMbarara Main257  
Hopebel Primary SchoolMbarara Main198  
Bright Future School,MbararaMbarara Main178  
Allied Primary School ButeraniroMbarara Main166  
Nkinga Primary SchoolMitooma4819  
Kisiizi Primary SchoolMitooma4410  
Nyakateete Bright Future Primary SchoolMitooma392  
Mitooma Central SchoolMitooma3410  
Rwanja Parents Primary SchoolMitooma297  
Mitooma Junior Primary SchoolMitooma22   
Ijumo Premier Primary SchoolMitooma177  
Mother Care Primary SchoolNtungamo M/C6910  
Little Angels Primary SchoolNtungamo M/C5715  
Standard Junior,NtungamoNtungamo M/C328  
Homecare Primary School RwashamaireNtungamo Main477  
Brilliant Star Primary SchoolNtungamo Main321  
Good Hope Primary SchoolNtungamo Main323  
Blue Hope Primary SchoolNtungamo Main286  
Grammer Rimary School KanyampumoNtungamo Main175  
St.Clelia Primary SchoolRukiga491  
Rukungiri Modern Primary SchoolRukungiri M/C631  
Nyakibare Parents Primary SchoolRukungiri M/C512  
Bwanga Progressive Primary SchoolRukungiri Main448  
Aunt Jolly Primary School KisiiziRukungiri Main258  
Brain Trust Primary SchoolRukungiri Main17   
St.Mukasa SeminarySheema M/C708  
Brilliant Primary SchoolSheema M/C5611  
Bishop Mcallister Anglican SeminarySheema M/C2511  
Rwebiita Preparatory SchoolSheema M/C219  
Visionary Junior Primary School,KakindoSheema Main471  
Green Valley Primary SchoolSheema Main39102 
Bright Age Primary SchoolSheema Main337  
St.Josephs Preparatory Primary SchoolSheema Main287  
Nyakambu Junior SchoolSheema Main241  
Margherita Primary School641500
Parental Care School53100
Nyakasanga Infant Primary School34400
Five Star Model School26 00
Namhuga Primary School23100
Christian Foundation P/S,Kasese12100
Kasese Moslem Primary School12300
Global Vine School331000
Kasojo Preparatory School,Hima27600
Vision Model Primary School,Mpondwe22300
Junior Angels Model School20200
Ibanda Progressive Primary School20200
St. Mark Memorial Primary School10 00

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