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PIGS CAN’T DESTROY ME! Pastor Bujjingo Fires Back at ‘Mabizzi’ for Squeezing Him in Legal Battle

House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo has attacked those behind a suit challenging his traditional marriage with employee Suzan Makula Nantaba.

Without mentioning his or her name, Bujjingo used his December 29 lunch hour service to castigate those who are fighting him in court.

It is public knowledge that perennial litigant Hassan Male Mabirizi has sued Bujjingo and Makula for getting into a traditional marriage yet the HPMI ‘pastor’ is still married to Teddy Naluswa.

Labelling them (those who dragged him to court) ‘mabizzi’ (pigs), Bujjingo told the enemy lawyers to mind their business since it’s not their mother, sister or relative he married.

Speaking in the local Luganda language, Bujjingo said God can never abandon him for pigs.

“Biwuuzuma buwuuzumi mbizzi, Katonda aleke Bugingo ayogera nabalwadde agende namabizzi? Tasobola. Ela amabizzi gagambye [Bujjingo] wakusibwa emyaka 35, amabizzi gawano,” preached Bujjingo, to the excitement of his followers.

Watch video here: https://fb.watch/adrHJtX8M1/

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