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People Power supporters bash Zari for questioning Bobi Wine presidential credentials

Socialite Zari Hassan. Courtesy Photo

Supporters of presidential hopeful Bobi Wine have fired back at socialite Zari Hassan after she told Ugandans to weigh the People Power group leader’s capacity to rule Uganda.

Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, is the official People Power pressure group flag bearer for the 2021 presidential election.

A singer-turned-politician, he is one of the over 40 Ugandans who have expressed interest in contesting for the country’s top seat.

But Zari recently questioned Bobi Wine’s credentials to lead Uganda.

Her statements didn’t go well with supporters of People Power. They took to social media to return fire to her.

Some posted their responses to Zari on a story shared on The Pearl Times Twitter handle.

One commenter replied with claims that Zari is a regime agent enjoying funds from government.

A one Demmy Kizza said it doesn’t matter which side Zari belongs.

He added that the socialite has no moral duty to question credentials of Bobi Wine.

“What credentials did Museveni have when he came in power? Also, herself sleeping with toy boys has no moral duty to ask such,” wrote Kizza.

Another tweep replied that he never thought a recommendation from a sex worker was an issue that could influence voting behaviour.

“Who is Zari?” he wondered.


Also, People Power music promoter Suudiman shredded Zari, questioning her intelligence.

“God gave Zari everything but a brain. I have no problem with Zari spending a day in the mirror admiring her skin,” wrote Suudiman.

“However, she should accept that politics is not her thing. The last few days she has come out to attack Bobi Wine’s Presidential credentials. Politics is not mascara or Jacuzzi.”

Suudiman added that “it is sad that instead of focusing on the ills affecting the common person; something Bobi is fighting for, you sit behind your computer to attack him.”

He believes that Bobi Wine and his supporters should ignore Zari because “for her to come out and bash Bobi Wine is diversionary.”

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