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PAYING FOR HUSBAND’S SINS! Shock as Bishop Fires Priest after Her Husband Married Second Wife

Nahwera Says Her Husband Was Looking for a Child

Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni

In a decision that has angered gender activists but pleased religious conservatives, West Ankole Diocese Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni has suspended Nice Nahwera, the Curate at Nyakabirizi CoU, simply because her husband married a second wife.

Bishop Twinomujuni has argued that the Anglican Church of Uganda (CoU) would not tolerate polygamy among ministers and believers.

“Her husband married another wife and that rendered Nahwera to be in a polygamous marriage,” Bishop Twinomujuni said as he suspended the curate from ministry.


Bishop Twinomujuni, a powerful cleric enforcing church canon, did not factor in the reason why Nahwera’s husband married a second wife

Nahwera and her husband have been married for 10 years. Bishop Twinomujuni has been superintending over the Bweranyangi-headquartered diocese since 2017.

Nahwera’s decade-long marriage has remained fruitless – child bearing impossible so far.

The Nyakabirizi priest has defended her husband’s action, seeing how she would not stop his attempts to find a child. Nahwera has been helpless.

Her husband has been married to his second wife for a year. The second wife has already given Nahwera’s husband a child.

Bishop Twinomujuni has been vocal in defending church norms. He previously blasted Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s disciples for saying that their man of God was above Moses and Elijah. (See Details Here and There).

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