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PAY US SHS6.5M PER MONTH OR WE RESIGN: Secondary School Headteachers Pile Pressure on Janet Museveni

Education minister Janet Kataaha Museveni. Courtesy Photo

Head teachers and deputy head teachers of Ugandan secondary schools have petitioned first lady and education minister Janet Kataaha Kainembabazi Museveni to ensure that their salaries are increased or they will resign their jobs. 

As this publication has reported in recent days, the ministries of education and public service are having trouble resolving the issue of salary disparities created by the huge salary increments given to teachers of science subjects.

The juicy increments handed to science teachers have meant that classroom teachers of subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology now earn more than head teachers and deputy head teachers, officers who are supposed to supervise them (teachers of science subjects).

It was against this background that about 550 head teachers and deputy head teachers who belong to the science category have petitioned the Ministry of Education and Sports, calling for a review of their salaries.

They argue that they also scientists and should have their salaries raised as has been the case for heads of technical and vocational institutions, health facilities, and farm schools.

On July 29, these 550 science head teachers and deputy head teachers made their demands clear: Shs 6.5m every month for every head teacher and Shs 4.5m for each deputy head teacher.

It should be remembered that when the ministries of education and public service realized that the head teachers had been left behind as their juniors who teach science subjects got huge salary increments, government announced that it would give head teachers and their deputies an allowance of Shs3.9 every year. (Read Story Here).

But the science head teachers and their deputies have called for real salary increment, and not meagre allowances, put the line ministries in a tight corner.

Meanwhile, science teachers who expected to get a net pay of Shs4m every month were shocked after huge deductions left them with less than Shs3m. (Read Story Here).

You can see the new salary structure indicating how much money each government employee will be earning every month HERE.


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