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Pastor Irene Manjeri: I Wouldn’t be Preaching about God’s Power & Grace if I hadn’t Bleached

Pastor Irene Manjeri is one of the thousands of Ugandan women who are not shy about the ‘wonders’ of bleaching.

In a recent media interview, Pastor Manjeri said she doesn’t understand why Ugandans demonize bleaching.

“People always accuse me of bleaching but I don’t find a problem with it,” she said.

Pastor Manjeri, whose marriage to Dr Vincent Katongole recently ended in tears, admits her looks were not that good and that she needed to enhance them artificially, and what better means than bleaching.

“The point is that I look good with my artificial looks because natural looks don’t good on all of us,” she noted.

“That’s why we wear wigs. My daughter even sends me eyelashes which I wear.”

Manjeri then noted that it would be difficult to preach about God’s goodness if she had not bleached since her looks would not reflect the goodness of God.

“I was anointed by God to look like this,” she said.

“How do you tell people about the grace of God when you look awful, it’s the reason I look gorgeous.”

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