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Pastor Bujjingo stings again: Bobi Wine is just noisy & has never said anything sensible; the whites love foolish politicians

House of Prayer Ministries (HPM) lead pastor Aloysius Bujjingo has continued to sting politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, saying he has never said anything important.

Preaching to his congregation on Thursday, Bujjingo noted that the number of wise African leaders was steadily reducing, and those left are loud empty jerrycans.

“Unfortunately, Africa’s wise leaders — those whose wise quotes have lasted decades — are reducing in number. The leaders and politicians left behind just shout; that’s why the whites love them,” the pastor said.

He added that such foolish and loud empty jerrycan-like leaders were good for the western world since they could easily help them loot Africa’s resources.

“The whites lie to African to steal their resources, but they don’t tell lies to themselves [whites]. In their society deception is frowned upon, but they deceive Africa and give us leaders to help them steal our resources,” he preached.

“If they decide to back some one, we look at them as having brought a liberator yet they have come to steal. They want a foolish leader to rule because a wise one disturbs them.”

Bujjingo also made a veiled attack against Bobi Wine, whom he has habitually criticized in recent weeks.

“But for these politicians we have today, you can’t even find any wise thing they have said since they were born. And the western world loves them because of their foolishness.”

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