Pastor Bujjingo dares Bobi Wine: Attack Museveni state security without bulletproof vest if you love Uganda so much

Bobi Wine and Bujjingo. Courtesy Photos

House of Prayer Ministries (HPM) lead pastor Aloysius Bujjingo has challenged opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to dare Uganda’s security agencies without a bulletproof vest if he loves Uganda so much.

Pastor Bujjingo has in recent weeks sustained a war of words against Bobi Wine, taking off some minutes to criticize him during his services.

In a recent Lunch Hour Service, the ‘man of God’ told his congregation gathered at Kikoni’s Canaan Land that even politicians like Bobi Wine would never oppose government provided it put their lives in danger.

In 2018, security officers fired at Bobi Wine’s car, killing his driver Yasin Kawuma.

That event — and others — catapulted Bobi Wine to political prominence.

His National Unity Platform (NUP) party is now the main opposition party after sweeping several Buganda sub-region parliamentary seats.

During the campaigns, he procured a bulletproof vest, and his ‘friends’ recently handed him a controversial armored car to beef up his security.

Now Bujjingo, in an attempt to discourage Ugandans from participating in Bobi Wine’s ‘public court’ defiance campaigns, says nobody should hate their lives to the extent of risking it for the sake of politicians donning bulletproof attire.

“Even if you hate the government, love and value your life. Even those who hate and oppose it can’t attack without bulletproof [vests],” preached Bujjingo.

“Love your life the way you love those you support. Love your life more than you oppose government.”

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