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Pastor Bugembe consoles Julie Mutesasira’s children after their mother married fellow woman

Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Ezekiel and Esther Mutesasira. Courtesy Photos

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Worship House has urged Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira to be remain strong in the Lord after their mother wedded a fellow woman.

Days ago, photos of Julie and her partner (wife) brandishing a marriage certificate emerged social media, sparking condemnation from moralists.

The news of Julie’s unconventional marriage shocked her children Ezekiel and Esther, who won the inaugural East Africa’s Got Talent contest in October 2019.

Esther is aged 14 while Ezekiel is three years younger.

For about four years, these children have endured their parents’ broken marriage. Julie separated with her husband Pastor Steven Mutesasira, a city pastor.

Julie had run away to Canada, and has since got married to a fellow woman.

As Esther and Ezekiel go through the trying moment, Bugembe has advised them to cling on God and encourage themselves in the Lord.

Bugembe urged leaders and all people to offer support to Ezekiel and Esther in this time when their mother is facing condemnation for embracing homosexuality and their father on the spot for marrying another woman.

“Be strong. Bend your knees and seek strength from above. You will overcome this storm,” Bugembe encouraged the two celebrated singing siblings.

 “What you are going through is not new. Families experience fights, but soon reconcile and mend fences. This too will soon come to pass.”


Bugembe is yet to believe the images of Julie Mutesasira and her wedding to another woman.

He still suspects cyber bullies could have photosphopped the image to soil the gospel singer’s image.

If proven to be true, Bugembe says Julie’s actions would be damaging to the church and the Ugandan society, and would carry with them a lot of shame.

“I know Julie as my good friend. I won’t believe what I am seeing because those photos can be crafted to represent some evil people’s intentions. I know she is bothered now but I will consult her and I know we shall know the truth,” the pastor said.

Nonetheless, he preached love and urged people to support Julie in this period of great trial.

“If it turns out to be true, it will really be bad for society and the church but we shall still continue living her.”

The singer and pastor also differs with those who claim Steven Mutesasira was right to marry Judith and move on after years of a troubled marriage.

Bugembe is aware that God hates divorce and wouldn’t want to justify it.

But other pastors like Franklin Mondo Mugisha believe that Steven was justified to find another woman since his marriage with Julie had failed and he needed to find love and happiness elsewhere.

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