Home News Crime PARLIAMENT CHAOS: NRM MP Summoned for Punching Police Officer (Watch Video)

PARLIAMENT CHAOS: NRM MP Summoned for Punching Police Officer (Watch Video)

PARLIAMENT CHAOS: MP Summoned for Punching Police Officer (Watch Video)
Parliament of Uganda. Courtesy Photo

Uganda Police Force (UPF) says it has summoned a member of Parliament from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) for punching a police officer during the election of Uganda’s representatives to the regional parliament, the East African Legislative Assembly (Eala). 

According to UPF spokesperson Fred Enanga, Alioni Yorke Odria, the Aringa South (Yumbe District) MP, is wanted for punching a police officer during last week’s election of the Eala MPs.

“The summons were sent through the office of the Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament for the Member of Parliament of Aringa South in Yumbe to appear at CID headquarters on the 4th of October at 10am,” Enanga told reporters at the weekly security briefing at the UPF headquarters in Naguru, Kampala.

He added that the legislator from Yumbe will be required to make a written statement giving his side of the story.

“So, for us, the best way to understand his motive for the unprovoked assault is to listen to him,” said Enanga.

According to the police publicist, Alioni Odria is alleged to have acted in a disorderly manner at Parliament on September 29. He is accused of attacking and punching Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Alex Senge, a police officer who was on lawful duty, without any legal justification.

Enanga further noted that besides punching a police officer, Alioni Odria had “violently grabbed the ballot box” in “disregard of the parliamentary electoral procedures.”

He further said that MP Alioni Odria’s punches and attacks injured ASP Senge’s ear and head before the angry and violent law maker was stopped by the OC of Parliament and officers attached to Parliament’s Sergeant at Arms.

“The MP was allegedly frustrated with the conduct of the election of the MPs for Eala after some members were granted permission to vote early due to personal reasons,” added Enanga.

You can watch the video of the MP punching the police officer at Parliament HERE.

At the end of the voting exercise, Minister Norbert Mao’s Democratic Party (DP) Secretary General Gerald Siranda and eight others were elected to Eala as Ugandan MPs. (Read Story Here).

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