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Panic in NRM as Ex-Museveni Minister Plots 2026 Presidential Shocker to Challenge Muhoozi

President Museveni and his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

A former minister in President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government has clashed with a group newly formed with in the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party over his alleged plot to use the controversial association to challenge first son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s rumored 2026 presidential bid.

The minister, who has been in the political cold for years since losing his parliamentary seat, is being accused of attempting to hijack an association of NRM cadres so that he can reportedly use it as a vehicle to further his 2026 presidential bid. It is being reported that Banyenzaki is making preparations to challenge whoever is ready for 2026 — Lt Gen Kainerugaba or his father Museveni.

According to Transformer Cadres Association Uganda (TCAU), an emerging controversial group of 2020 NRM primary election and 2021 general parliamentary poll losers, Henry Banyenzaki, a former minister and legislator from Kigezi, has tried to use all means, including violence to compel the association to back him. The Pearl Times could not independently verify TCAU’s claims that Banyenzaki threatened to shoot at members of the association.

“Once again, this serves to inform the country that our group in infiltrated by the former minister Hon Henry Banyenzaki who wanted to use our group as his ground to contest for presidency. When we refused to support him because we belong to NRM party, [he] has now resorted to use violence,” claimed TCAU in a statement.

“This man is armed and doesn’t have self control. Please be informed that we can no longer tolerate behaviors of your former minister when we have never even been RDCs. In one of our executive meetings, he rushed to the car to bring a gun after a simple misunderstanding! Please incase of anything don’t say we haven’t informed you!”

Panic in NRM as Ex-Museveni Minister Plots 2026 Presidential Shocker to Challenge Muhoozi
Henry Banyenzaki with his former boss Museveni

Banyenzaki is the former Rubanda West Member of Parliament. He previously served as the State Minister for Economic Monitoring in the Office of the President in the Cabinet of Uganda.

Meanwhile, this group of NRM cadres under TCAU has appointed information minister Dr Chris Baryomunsi as its chief advisor, as if continues with its push to amend the constitution to deny Ugandans  to elect their president, only restricting the selection of the head-of-state to MPs. (Read Story Here).

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