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OUT OF DANGER: Deputy Speaker Anita Among Gives Latest Update on Her Boss Jacob Oulanyah’s Health Condition

Jacob Oulanyah. Courtesy Photo

Deputy Speaker Anita Annet Among has briefed her colleagues in Parliament on the health condition of her boss Jacob Oulanyah.

Oulanyah was flown to the US for treatment a few weeks ago. (Read Story Here).

There was noise about the cost of flying him abroad. (Read Story Here).

There had been rumors that Oulanyah had died, but our Fact Check Desk quickly debunked them as lies. (Read Story Here).

Now, deputy speaker Among says Oulanyah is “a very good state.”

“I would like to inform you that Speaker Jacob Oulanyah is now in a very good state,” she told Parliament.

“He has been able to speak to many of you [MPs] and we thank God for that.”


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