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Otafiire: This is What the State Wants from Mzee Okori Regarding Jacob Oulanyah Alleged Poisoning

Otafiire, Okori and Oulanyah

Internal Affairs Minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire has explained what the state wants from Mzee Nathan Okori, the father of late speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah, regarding claims that his son was poisoned. 

Oulanyah died on March 20. (Read Story Here).

On April 08, Oulanyah was laid to rest in Omoro District. (Read Story Here).

During the burial, his father Okori INSISTED THAT HIS SON OULANYAH WAS POISONED. (Read Story Here).

Police summoned Mzee Okori and several other to tell CID officers more about claims that the former speaker was poisoned. (Read Story Here).

JACOB OULANYAH POISONING PROBE: Baryomunsi Blasts Enanga Over Summons

On April 14, Minister Otafiire told the Defence and Internal Affairs Committee of Parliament what police will exactly be looking for in its interrogation with Mzee Okori.

Otafiire says that Okori might not have wanted to offer details to mourners but could share these with police officers.

The minister also hopes that Okori’s statement would aid investigations into Oulanyah’s alleged poisoning.

“Why do we want to talk to him? Because there are things Okori could have wanted to say but he couldn’t say publicly,” said Otafiire.

“So, the police goes to him and says ‘Mzee, is there something else you would have wanted to to say but you didn’t say publicly? Can you help us? Is there something you know that we don’t that could help us to follow this complaint of yours.”

SPEAKER AMONG: Only One Person Knows if Jacob Oulanyah was Poisoned & Who Poisoned Him – But It’s Too Late

Meanwhile, Otafiire has ‘cancelled’ summons for Oulanyah’s father Okori to appear before CID Kibuli, and ordered that police officers should find the old man in his home in Omoro District. (Read Story Here).

But Oulanyah’s father has rubbished police investigations into his son’s alleged poisoning, saying the probe is useless. (Read Story Here).

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