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OLEMWA! Leaked Bedroom Video of Married Female Politician Being Chewed by Youthful Man Goes Viral


A leaked bedroom video of a youthful energetic man chewing a female politician who lost her seat in the 2021 elections has hit the internet.

The woman in the video is said to be a politician from Bushenyi while the young man has reportedly made it a habit to chew married women.

Local media reports claim the woman is Annah Nabukera, the former Kyabugabo Parish Councilor who is reportedly married to a one Kasiano. Nabukera and Kasiano are residents of Nyakajumo Village, Kyamugabo Parish, Ibaare Sub-County in Bushenyi District and said to have four children together.  Other reports claim that Kasiano and Nabukera separated, allowing each of them to go and try ‘farming in different gardens.’

Nabukera lost her seat as the area parish woman councilor to Oliver Katushabe after serving for two terms.

In the video, Nabukera parades her Garden of Eden for the youthful man to harvest the forbidden fruit. She seems to be enjoying every bit, particularly the kakyabari but instructs the man ‘eating the fruit’ not to release the juices of enjoyment into her ‘pot.’

A devout Catholic, Nabukera is putting on her rosary, which swings to the rhythm of her enjoyment as the youthful man chews her forbidden fruit.

But what Nabukera didn’t know is that the young man had his camera set and he has since released the video clearly showing the middle-aged woman in the act.

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