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OH NO! Nadduli Grandson’s Ear Cut Off After Accident That Led to Jakana’s Death

Jakana's nephew and his grandfather Hajji Abdul Nadduli

A grandson to former Museveni government minister without portfolio Hajji Abdul Nadduli has had his ear cut off after an accident in which he was involved with the late Jakana Sulayiman Nadduli, a former Nakaseke Central parliamentary seat candidate in the 2021 elections.

Jakana Nadduli, a son to President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s National Resistance Army (NRA) bush war comrade Hajji Nadduli, and his nephew were involved in an accident early this year. Jakana died a few weeks after being released from detention over charges of promoting sectarianism against Banyarwanda and Banyankore tribal groups.

It has now emerged that Jakana’s nephew lost his ear in the accident which (accident) the Nadduli family believes was responsible for the death of the former Nakaseke parliamentary candidate. According to David Lewis Rubongoya, the Secretary General of main opposition National Unity Platform (NUP), a group that Jakana associated with, Nadduli’s son was convinced that the accident against him was planned by those who wanted to end his life.

By the time of his death, Jakana was steadily gaining a social media following for his ruthless attacks on the Museveni regime for its alleged ills such as corruption, nepotism, tribalism and claims of human rights violations against its real and imagined opponents and critics. Some of his views were said to have promoted sectarianism against the Banyankore and Banyarwanda, with the latter’s Abavandimwe Association lead Frank Gashumba openl wishing Jakana death for his alleged hatred against the tribe.

Jakana was later arrested by suspected state security officers and detained for days during which his family has claimed that he was tortured, something they further argue led to the deterioration of his health condition. He was later released on bail after flip-flopping on his plea to the charges of sectarianism against Banyankore and Banyarwanda. (Details are Here).

Jakana would die a few weeks after being released from detention. All this time, his nephew’s story remained largely untold, relegating him to a minor character role in the story of the Naddulis. Now, NUP SG has revealed that Jakana’s nephew lost his ear as a result of the accident, among other serious injuries sustained in the accident.

“For those asking, this is a nephew to the late Jakana Nadduli, who was with him when he got that accident that nearly ended their lives in March. Up to his death, Jakana believed that the accident was pre-planned. They both got very serious injuries on different body parts. This young man unfortunately lost his ear and got other serious injuries,” noted Rubongoya.

OH NO! Nadduli Grandson's Ear Cut Off After Accident That Led to Jakana's Death
Jakana Naduli nephew. Photo by NUP

It should be remembered that President Museveni has ordered for an investigation into what exactly killed Jakana Nadduli. But it seems that deceased’s father Nadduli and the late’s widow know what could have led to the death, especially given what Jakana reportedly went through in his last days on earth. (See Details Here and There).

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