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OH MY GOD! This Popular Prophet Accurately Predicted William Ruto’s Election Victory Three Years Ago (Watch Video)

William Ruto

A popular prophet accurately predicted the presidential election victory of William Samoei Ruto, the candidate for Kenya Kwanza and United Democratic Alliance (UDA). 

On Monday, August 15, Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairman declared Ruto, a sworn Christian known for donating millions to churches across Kenya, as the winner of the hotly contested presidential election conducted about a week earlier.

While this victory might have come as a surprise to some people, and as a result of days of tension and pressure, for Prophet Ian Ndlovu, it was just a matter of time before William Ruto would be announced winner and the validly elected fifth president of the Republic of Kenya.

Ndlovu is the senior pastor of Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries Church based in Zimbabwe. In 2019, long before the IEBC nominated Ruto (although the now president-elect had begun campaigning for the country’s top job), Ndlovu told his congregation that a man named Bill and whose other name begins with R would be elected Kenya’s fifth president.

On June 16, 2019, while at his church, Ndlovu told his congregation that the will of God was that Ruto should be president.

“This is the will of God. God wants to use a prominent son of that nation whose name is Bill and the initial of the other name is R. Will those who make decisions choose what God has chosen? Will Kenya choose what God sees as the best for them or they will choose to be in the permissive will?” Ndlovu said.

A little over three years since Ndlovu predicted the election of a man many Kenyans believed to be William Ruto, it has come to pass that the IEBC declared the ‘hustler’ from Sugoi as the fifth president of the Republic of Kenya.

Meanwhile, Ruto’s main challenger Raila Odinga has rejected the results of released by the IEBC. Four of the seven commissioners of the elections body have also punched holes in the results released by the IEBC. (Read Stories Here and There).


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Meanwhile, this same Prophet Ndlovu has prophesied that a respected long serving president is seek but pretends to be fine, and that this aged president must hand over to another young leader or wait to plunge his nation into chaos. (Read Story Here).

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