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OFWONO OPONDO RESIGNATION RUMORS: Government Spokesperson Breaks Silence

Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo. Courtesy Photo

Ofwono Opondo, the Executive Director of the Uganda Media Centre, and the spokesperson of the Government of Uganda, is in the news over Thursday night’s war of words between him and Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Lord Mayor and Deputy Vice President of Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). 

Uncharacteristic of Ofwono Opondo who is known to take in criticism, the government spokesperson lost his cool, rose from his seat and walked towards Lukwago, threatening to teach him a lesson by throwing him out the NBS Frontline studios.

Although he is a man in the limelight given his job, the incident that thousands watched on live TV might have given him more attention for the wrong — or right reasons depending on which side one stands. And with attention arising out of such bitter public exchanges, some people normally make more shocking allegations while others vend news that is sometimes not true. This has been the case with Ofwono Opondo and a rumor that he had resigned.

At 11:10am, a one Ahmed (via @more_today1) tweeted: “Ofwono Opondo has stepped down as the Government of Uganda spokesperson official approval and appointment of a replacement awaiting the president.”

But the government spokesperson has quickly spoken out on the reports that he has stepped aside even when this rumor was being vended by a little-known social media user.

Not one to take chances when it comes to what he thinks is fake news, the Uganda Media Centre boss has set the record straight, calling out the social media user to stop his baseless lies.

In response, at 11:48am, Opondo responded to Ahmed dismissing his allegations and telling him: “I guess lies won’t take you very far.”

Ofwono Opondo replaced Fred Opolot as government spokesperson and Uganda Media Center executive director in 2013. President Museveni has been reappointing Ofwono Opondo to this position on three-year terms.

On Thursday night, Ofwono Opondo nearly punched Lord Mayor Lukwago during an NBS TV Frontline show. Ofwono Opondo threatened to throw out Lukwago. (Read Story and Watch Video Here).

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