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Ofwono Opondo Mukono blames home attack on opposition ‘Plan B’ as police release preliminary findings

Police has released preliminary findings into the September 10 attack on government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo’s home in Nasuuti, Ntawo Ward, Central Division Mukono Municipality.

At about 9pm on September 10, Ofwono Opondo received a distress call from his daughter who asked him to send police officers to their home.

Opondo, also the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre, was out of his home at the time of the attack.

He would later appear on NBS Television’s Frontline show, where he is a panelist.

Police says only two thugs were involved in the raid.

They wore face masks, and donned casual clothes.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) deputy spokesperson, said the government publicist’s wife Jane Nalukwago Opondo and their two daughters were in the seating room watching TV when the assailants stormed the Mukono home.

Mrs Opondo told police detectives the thugs had entered the house through the main gate.

There were no guards at government spokesperson’s gate. Opondo had allowed his guard to visit his family in the village because he had taken long without checking on his people.

It was also not locked — it was only bolted without a padlock.

But Opondo claims the gate was locked, and that the thugs could have climbed the perimeter wall and jumped into his compound.

There was also an electricity blackout in the area.

“It has been established that power had gone off in the whole parish at the time the thugs entered the house,” said Owoyesigyire.

The assailants would then order Opondo’s wife and two daughters into the master bedroom.

It was here that they broke into wardrobes.

“In one of the wardrobes, there was a handbag of Jane Opondo with Shs30,000 that they moved out with and her small feature mobile phone Nokia black,” Mrs Opondo told police.

“The black Nokia phone that had been reported stolen from Mrs Opondo was also recovered a few metres away from Mr Opondo’s house.”

Opondo has confirmed nobody was hurt in the raid.

Noting that they had never registered an break-in incident since he started living in the area in 1996, Opondo suspected the opposition could have been behind the attack.

Opondo even thinks the raid could have been masterminded by those who believe in opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye’s Plan B.

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