Of Kadaga’s downfall, Chris Obore’s return to Parliament Job & Jacob Oulanyah’s Positive Energy Flow


Speaker Jacob Oulanyah has welcomed Chris Obore back to his Parliament Director of Communications and Public Affairs job just a day after two-term speaker Rebecca Kadaga lost her position.

Oulanyah paid a courtesy to Obore’s office to welcome him back to his job.

Obore donned a bow tie, that has become Oulanyah’s signature wear.

Oulanyah said positive energy show be allowed to flow.

Obore had been hired in 2015, only to be sent on forced leave in 2019.

In September 2019, Jane Kibirige, the Clerk of Parliament wrote to Obore, informing him: “I have been directed to inform you to take your accumulated leave with immediate effect.”

More orders followed, with Obore being told to stay away from his office even when he has completed his 140 days of accumulated leave.

Kibirige informed him to only return after receiving a call from Parliament.

That call was yet to come, but Oulanyah’s victory paved way for Obore’s return.

Obore’s lawyers of Kampala Associated Advocates had protested the move to send their client on leave, citing Public Service Standing Orders, under which Obore should have forfeited his leave days that he had not taken during particular calendar years or should have had his request to carry them forward approved by December 15, 2018.

In March 2019, Kibirige had informed Obore the IGG had raised concerns over his recruitment, saying it flouted Parliamentary Service (Staff) Regulations, 2001.

Obore had challenged a move by Parliament to terminate his contract based on the IGG’s report.

His lawyers of Kampala Associated Advocates had sought an injunction restraining Parliament from firing Obore pending a ruling on his petition.

The order blocking Obore’s sacking was issued in April 2019.

But Kadaga would send Obore on forced leave until further notice, assigning his duties to Helen Kaweesa.

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