Of gospel singer Julie Mutesasira’s same sex marriage & her ex-hubby’s wedding

Pastor Steven Mutesasira weds Judith; Julie Mutesasira weds fellow woman. Courtesy Photos

The country woke up to shocking news after photos of popular gospel singer Julie Mutesasira in a wedding with her same sex partner emerged in the media on October 20.

Julie was married to City Pastor Steven Mutesasira which whom they had three children.

They include last year’s talented East Africa Got Talent award winning duo of Esther and Ezekiel.


In 2016, after things had failed to work out between the singer and her cleric hubby, Julie moved to the Canadian city of Toronto where she had maintained a low profile until now. 

Her only appearance in the media since leaving Uganda came during and after her children’s performance at East Africa Got Talent show which they eventually won.

There have been some rumours that the singer had turned homosexual, with outspoken City Pastor Mondo Mugisha hinting at it just a day before in an interview with BBS’ Roundabout team.

Gospel singer Julie Mutesasira weds fellow woman. Courtesy Photo

In the photos which have been widely shared, the visibly excited Julie is seen tightly caressing her fellow woman in a romantic manner.

In another photo, the two lovebirds are seen proudly flushing their marriage certificate in a celebratory gesture.

After waiting for Julie to reform in vain, Pastor Mutesasira wedded a one Judith over the weekend. 

“An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who shames him is as rottenness in his bones.–Proverbs 12:4,” Pastor Mutesasira delved into the scriptures.

“The relation of husband-wife is the most beautiful relationship of the world. It’s the relation by which two different people turn into one entity for the lifetime.”

Pastor Steven Mutesasira weds Judith. Courtesy Photo.

He then welcomed his new wife: “God said, its not good for a man to be alone. We thank God who has allowed this to happen. Anointed family welcomes you mummy Judith Mutesasira.

“A man shall therefore leave his wife & marry another wife.”

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