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OF COURSE I HAVE WATER BUT THAT’S NOT ME: Bushenyi MP’s Wife Breaks Silence on ‘Elnino-Water’ Video

The woman believed to be from the 'National Water' video

Netizens are still excited over a video of a woman believed to be a wife of a Ugandan member of Parliament whose ‘National Water’ left them wondering what they did to God not to have such so that they can also enjoy their marriage and dating lives. 

For those still wondering what this is about, let us remind you that on Tuesday, October 11, Ugandan social media was thrown into excitement after a video showing a beautiful woman enjoy her time with a lover splashed elnino and showered the man in a heavenly bliss that has left many with a lot of envy.

We will not talk about the woman’s bwaguuga and the kaveera that kept making the sound similar to that the rains make on the iron sheets in your villages.

Ugandan social media users are used to such kinds of videos given how gifted women are when it comes to National Water and bwaguuga endowments.

But what made the video become the talk of social media was that a local tabloid claimed that the woman with enviable National Water was Joy Karungi, wife to Bushenyi MP Kabuura Derrick Baimukye.

But Joy Baimukye has been reported as telling a local gossip publication that she does not have as much National Water as she had watched depicted in the video.

She added that she was a God-fearing wife to an honorable Member of Parliament and would not even dream of recording such a video, later alone share it online.

“That is not me in the video because I’m not waterlogged,” Joy Karungi was quoted as saying.

“I am a God-fearing person, so I can’t involve myself in such evil acts.”

But she apologized for the allegations against her.

“I am sorry to my family because I know how this feels when these allegations are attached to your loved one.”

Meanwhile, a few days ago, ex-VP Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi and his wife Margaret were seen eating life with a big spoon as his side chic fights for his property. (Read Story and See Pictures Here).

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