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Of Basajja Mivule’s farm of cows & dogs – and his Shs800m house

Basajja Mivule. Courtesy Photo

Controversial media practitioner Abbey Ssewakiryanga aka Basajja Mivule has been in the news for over claims that he owns a farm of cows and dogs in Gayaza, and a Shs800m house.

It all started when Basajja Mivule published a video showing how he had become rich through rearing cows and dogs in Gayaza.

“I had a cow, sold it and bought a dog which produced 10 puppies. I sold the puppies and earned Shs25m,” said Mivule in a weekend video.

His farm, he claimed, fetches him Shs1m monthly.

But days later, a man who claimed to own the farm that Basajja Mivule claimed was his came out to expose the veteran television presenter.

And now a new war of words has been fanned, and is playing via the media.

It has now emerged that the place he paraded in the video as his belongs to another man.

Identified as Yafesi Mugalu, the man claims to own over 70 cows. He says he got to know Mivule when he came to buy a cow from his farm.

He has also revealed that he will not sue Mivule for impersonation or any other offence because he knows the media practitioner doesn’t have money to sustain a legal battle.

There is also another man who claims to be the owner of the land that Mivule, Mugalu and others rent to rear animals.

He says Mivule hasn’t been paying him anything but will now start asking him to cough about Shs400,000 every month. He says Mivule has only four cows.

But the motor-mouthed media personality says he is richer than both Mugalu and the man who claims to be his land lord.

Mivule says his house is worth Shs800m while the man alleging to be his landlord stays in one of the animal houses.

Basajja Mivule is not new to controversy. He has in recent months been in the news for, among other things, his arrest over sectarian statements.

Following his release, Mivule ditched Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) and joined President Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

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