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Huge Setback for Nyege Nyege Festival, Kyabazinga Wedding as US, UK Warn Terrorists May Strike Soon

Terrorists May Hit Jinja, Queen Elizabeth & Semuliki National Parks

Revellers enjoying themselves at a previous Nyege Nyege Festival. Courtesy Photos

Two main events scheduled to happen in Jinja this month may suffer a setback after the UK and US issued terror alerts for their citizens. 

Through the US Embassy and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), Washington and London were particular in their warnings against nationals attending events in Jinja.

The alert came ahead of Nyege Nyege Festival which is expected to begin on November 09 through November 12. Another key event is the royal wedding of Busoga Kyabazinga.

The US has warned her nationals against attending worship services and music as well as cultural festivals in the capital Kampala and in the city of Jinja.

“Due to increased terrorist activity, U.S. Embassy Kampala recommends that individuals exercise an elevated degree of caution and reconsider attendance at upcoming large public gatherings, such as large-scale worship services and music and cultural festivals in Kampala and Jinja.  Additionally, be mindful when visiting locations where people tend to gather such as hotels, malls, and marketplaces,” the US warned.

Apart from warning against travel to and attending events in Jinja, FCDO warned against travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semuliki National Park.

“FCDO advises against all but essential travel to Jinja Town. There is a growing terror threat in Uganda, including targeting of foreigners. You should avoid large gatherings, including large scale worship, and music and cultural festivals in Uganda. On 17 October there was an attack in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda resulting in three fatalities,” the office said.

“FCDO advises against all but essential travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the area immediately southwest of Kasese. This area starts at the border with DRC at Kyabikere and south to Katojo along the border, and extends eastwards from those points up to and including the A109 road. FCDO also advises against all but essential travel to Semuliki National Park.”

On Sunday, President Museveni said that some of the men accused of killing the tourists have been arrested and other killed.

“.. one of the killers of the tourists and their Ugandan driver, by the name of Njovu, has been arrested while injured. 3 other terrorists have been killed from that group of 10 People who killed the Lhubiriha children, burnt the truck of onions and tried to attack the parked trucks on the Congo- Kasindi side. The remaining seven are still on the run, but we shall get them.

Njovu was their commander. The Njovu group was attacked by the UPDF marine boat on Lake Edward. They did not fully utilize their success after attacking the boat of terrorists. Otherwise, all the terrorists would have been captured. They delayed in checking the crippled boat until morning, when the 7 had escaped. It was their first time to fight on water. They are perfecting their combat drills.

I congratulate the marines and the CMI for the good job, some gaps in the marines’ performance, notwithstanding.”

Museveni also revealed that security agencies had arrested the men who killed Joan Kagezi. (See Details Here).

Meanwhile, ahead of the Kyabazinga royal wedding, all Basoga married couples have been warned against ‘sleeping with each other’ or else disaster hits them. (Read Story Here).

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