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NUP party dispute: Why Bobi Wine should be ready to go through what Besigye endured to register FDC

By Ronald Muhinda

Ronald Muhinda
Ronald Muhinda

Surely, where do these Bobi Wine supporters fetch and drink ignorance from? If you don’t know, why don’t you ask?

Harunah Kiyemba works with Nation Media but still surrounded by journalists, he can’t seek for correct information. He posts ignorantly.

[Kiyemba had claimed: Who else is wondering how Dr Besigye and Gen Muntu managed to register FDC and ANT without any obstacles from the government? It looks like we had no opposition all along].

Well, let me teach him. In 2004, registration of FDC was a war. It was not easy like buying NUP from Kibalama.

Then, Political parties  registration was done by the Registrar General.

When an application was filed, the Registrar General argued the office lacked money to move around districts to verify signatures of founders and promoters of FDC. I hope when Kibalama was registering his party, he did pass the mark. I already see this matter raised in a recent petition.

Gen. Muntu then, mobilized and collected money and took it to the Ministry of Justice which oversaw the Registrar General’s office and the money was rejected. Imagine if it was today and it’s NUP facing similar hurdles?

Remember in 2004, Besigye had not  returned from exile in South Africa – he returned a year later. He didn’t know he would return.

Feeling frustrated and angry, Reform Agenda, PAFO and NDF promoters of FDC went to courts. 16yrs ago, courts still had some level of independence because they were full of old independent judges. Now courts are full of cadres.

The petition in High Court was to force the Registrar General to register the Party. It was a protracted fight.

Then, three obscure parties UPM (Uganda People’s Movement), WYP (Women and Youth Party) and MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) opposed the registration of FDC on grounds of colors, symbols and slogan.

The fight between UPC and NUP over colour, FDC faced a fierce one from the state and three other state parties who claimed FDC was using their colours.

At the time, Kizza Besigye was even in exile in South Africa.

For an educated Ugandan like Kiyemba who sits in Kololo at Airtel House not to know that Besigye was in exile when FDC was registered is regrettable.

How can these people be helped with information?

When Besigye returned from Exile in 2005, do you know the assault FDC faced as a party? Do you know Besigye was arrested on return, got nominated for President in Luzira prison and was released on bail to start campaigns more than a month after campaigns had started?

Can you withstand that level of level of attack? Okay, if you think standing for presidency is like sitting behind your computer and type rubbish, let Kyagulanyi go through it, he will come and tell you.

Ssebo, what NUP is going through FDC has overcome. That is why activists got hardened. When the state finally moves on you, all of you will just scatter. You have seen nothing yet.

The writer is a member of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), and personal assistant to Dr Kizza Besigye

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