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NUP opens up on claims that Bobi Wine private bodyguard Norbert Ariho is a hired assassin

Bobi Wine's private bodyguards Eddie Mutwe and Norbert Ariho. Courtesy Photo

National Unity Platform (NUP) secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya has defended presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s private bodyguard Norbert Elba Ariho is a mole and an assassin hired by the state to eliminate the singer-turned-politician.

Ariho was in the spotlight on December 01 and 02 after NUP-affiliated Facebook-based Ghetto TV shared a video in which the page’s team accused him of throwing a teargas canister that exploded in Kayunga.

The explosive went off as Bobi Wine engaged security agencies after they blocked his campaign rally.

Some NUP supporters quickly castigated Ariho, calling him an assassin reportedly hired by the state to harm Bobi Wine.

But another video has since emerged showing that Ariho didn’t throw the explosive.

According to Rubongoya, all NUP supporters should follow Bobi Wine’s advice on dealing with suspected moles.

“If you have trusted us to lead the struggle, then trust us also to decide who is for us and who is against us. If you have credible information that anyone is working from within to undermine our struggle, reach out to us privately let us know (and many people do). We shall find ways of dealing with the information given,” Rubongoya quoted Bobi Wine’s August 01, 2020 statement.

Rubongoya defended Ariho, praising him for the sacrifice he and other make to keep Bobi Wine safe.

He urged caution, noting that claims against Ariho could be a propaganda tool.

“Whoever plants propaganda in our midst, intended to sow mistrust and confusion amongst us is not a comrade! We know what comrades like Norbert go through every day to keep the Principal and the team safe,” noted the secretary general.

“If any comrade is suspected of being a double agent, the best thing to do is not to malign them on social media, but to approach any trusted leader and share that information.”

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