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Number of Staff at Museveni’s Residence, Office Shocks Ugandans (See How Many & What Do They Do)

Museveni has 761 staff in his office and 996 at his residence

Museveni at State House Entebbe. Photo by State House

Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, Uganda’s 79-year-old president, has nearly 1,800 staff at his State House (official residence) and in his office, a minority report from Parliament’s budget committee has shown. This happens as the country’s health facilities remain understaffed – among other human resource challenges in the provision of public services in the impoverished and landlocked East African country.

The revelation on the huge staffing at State House was made as the Ugandan opposition presented their minority report on considerations for the 2024-25 National Budget Framework Paper.

Uganda’s government hopes to run on Shs52.722 trillion in the 2024-25 financial year, according to the budget framework paper.


Shadow finance minister, also Kira Municipality MP, wondered why government has continued to waste money. Ssemujju said it was wasteful expenditure for the presidency to have 1,757 staff yet health facilities, including the Mulago National Referral Hospital remain understaffed.

At Mulago, only 14 out of the 28 beds in the Intensive Care Unit of Mulago Hospital are functional, according to a recent report.

According to Ssemujju, Museveni has 761 staff in his office and 996 at his residence – bringing the total number of staff to 1,757.

The ones at his residence include 51 cleaners. Museveni has 52 cooks, 80 gardeners and 29 housekeepers. The president also has 10 laundry attendants

“Can you justify the President employing 761 staff in his office and 996 staff at his residence. Our leader employs at his residence at taxpayers’ expense 51 cleaners, 52 cooks/chef/ catering officers, 80 gardeners, 29 housekeepers, 10 dobi and laundry attendants, 106 private secretaries, 14 room attendants, 22 presidential assistants, 59 waitress/waiters and 14 presidential advisors,” said Ssemujju.

“If this is not wastage, what is it? And these days the main work at State House is organizing birthday parties and wedding anniversaries.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Museveni has 666 cars for his residence and office, a number of vehicles that is four times more than that of all the ambulances in government health facilities. (See Details Here).

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