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Nothing wrong with my children having juicy government jobs, Ofwono Opondo tells off ‘haters’ as son who works for UNRA weds


Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has told critics and social media followers trolling him after it emerged that his son Gilbert who wedded on June 05 works for UNRA.

Gilbert Opondo and wife Gladys’ wedding happened at St. Andrew’s Bukoto Church of Uganda.

But one of Ofwono Opondo’s followers said it was nepotism for Ofwono Opondo to be government spokesperson, his son Gilbert to have a juicy job at UNRA, and his daughter’s to have government jobs.

“Your son works for UNRA, that is government parastatal… your daughter also works with the government. So you do not have any problems sebbo. That is what nepotism is,” said a one Timothy Tumwesiga on Twitter.

In response, Ofwono Opondo denied any of his daughters had a juicy government job.

“I have no daughter who has ever worked with Government of Uganda although it [wouldn’t] have been an offence,” replied the government publicist.

“They are in the private sector.”

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